NEPTON 240M / 120XL



Exclusive Pump
• Very Low Noise Output
• Long Lifespan
• Greater Water Flow
Custom Water Block
• Large Copper Base
• Greater Skived Fin Area
FEP Tubing
• Lower Coolant Evaporation Rate
• Excellent Kink Resistance
• Greater Water Flow
Silencio Fan
• Low Noise Output
• Extremely Long-Lasting
Microchannel Technology
• Cooler Master's Own Special Process
• 32,000 mm2 Skived Fin Area
• 3,500 mm2 Copper Base Area


Advanced Silent Driver Integrated Circuit

• Cooler Master Exclusive
• Extremely Low Vibration (10 mg)*

*Compared to Competitor at 22 mg


Optimized Motor Structure

• Exclusive Cooler Master Design
• Greater Water Flow - 120 Liters/Hour*
• Long Lifespan - Up to 70,000 Hours

  *Compared to Competitor at 47 Liters/Hour


Ultra High Efficiency
Utilizes principles of Jet Impingement to rapidly cool hotspots.


Robust FEP Material
1.Thinner, but stronger wall

2.Specially shaped to have excellent kink resistance

3.Large inner diameter allows greater volume of water flow

4.Material lowers coolant evaporation rate


Silencio FP 120

All-new fan outputs higher air pressure while remaining quiet.

• High Air Pressure - 4.8 mm H2O
• Low Noise Output - 27 dBA(Max)
• Ultra Low Current - 4.8 w(12V, 0.4A)

Sealant on bobbin
Outer Bearing Groove for Oil Circulation
Recycled Oil Slot (extra oil storage space)
Shaft (drives oil flow)
Sealant on Base Plate