We're proud to be the sponsor of Team Storm!
Team Storm has always had a passion for creating something that takes a concept that is 'good' and makes it the best. When they first built Storm 2 they transformed what people believed was possible in a robot - delivering more power than ever before.
Passion for Creating
We've never wanted to build something that's just the same as everything else because we're passionate about innovating in new ways. With Storm 2 in Robot Wars this year we were pushing the power that we could get from our new drive motors to the absolute limit, so much so that we used dry ice to cool them prior to a fight, preventing them from overheating and borrowing a little technology from Formula 1 Teams.
Combining Craft and Knowledge
The team at Cooler Master got in contact when they heard we were struggling and, innovator to innovator, asked if we'd be interested in working with them going forward. They share our passion for innovation and making things, and if you head to their Maker Hub you'll see where they're already working with some incredible innovative individuals.
From our first conversation with them we both realised that there was an opportunity to do something together from supporting the intensive 3D CAD modelling that we rely on where compute power is all important, to taking Cooler Master's expertise in developing the worlds most advanced cooling systems and applying them to the unique challenges in Storm 2.