Light 'Em Up.

MasterBox MB520

  • DarkMirror Front Panel
  • Aggressive Intakes
  • Edge-To-Edge Transparent Side Panel
  • Support for a Total of 6 Fans and Water Cooling
  • Graphic Card Support Up to 410mm
  • Storage Trays and Full-Length PSU Shroud
  • Multiple Trim Colors Available

DarkMirror Front Panel

Shade light through a transparent, tinted front panel.


Excellent Thermal Performance

Optimized airflow due to the large intakes on each side of the front panel.
Additional ventilation on the top panel adds thermal support.


Aggressive Intakes

Large intakes on each side of the front panel let the system breathe easy.

Choose Your Color


Edge To Edge Transparent Side Panel

Showcase your build through the transparent side panel.


Fan and Radiator Support

Front: Three 120mm or two 140mm fans and up to a 360mm radiator with a maximum thickness of 50mm without fans.
Top: Two 120mm or two 140mm fans and supports a 120mm or a 240mm radiator.
Rear: One 120mm fan or radiator. All to ensure you don't have to compromise on performance.


Expanding the Possibilities

The spacious interior fits all standard motherboards for your gaming needs.




Main Components Clearance

The MasterBox MB520 case supports CPU coolers up to a height of 165mm, graphic cards up to a length of 410mm and power supplies up to a length of 180mm.