MasterBox NR600

The MasterBox NR600 applies optimal cooling and expandability to a minimalistic, subtle design. With thermal capability at the forefront of features, the front panel and top panel are designed to signify airflow performance in its purest form. Functionality is blended to a compact design by maximizing use of internal space and implementing subtle design elements. The MasterBox NR600 features a tempered glass side panel, fastened by thumbscrews on the rear panel, to keep the surface immaculately flush.


Form & Function Steamlined

MasterBox NR600

  • Minimalistic Design
  • Seamless Tempered Glass
  • Ample Storage Support
  • Headset Jack
  • Fan Support
  • Radiator Support
  • Component Clearances

Minimalistic Design

The MasterBox NR600 is a pure and simple design that is focused on airflow performance. A single-layer, fine mesh makes up the entire front panel, achieving efficient airflow while also acting as a dust filter.


Seamless Tempered Glass

The tempered glass side panel sits completely flush against the chassis, mounted securely and discreetly by a system of tabs and thumbscrews.


Ample Storage Support

A total of 5 x 2.5" and 4 x 3.5" drives can be mounted using a tool-less system. Storage can be mounted on the PSU shroud, behind the motherboard tray, and in the HDD cage.




Headset Jack

The single 4 pole headset jack features both Audio and Microphone capabilities simultaneously so that separate jacks are not needed.


Fan Support

Front: 140mm x2 / 120mm x3
Top: 140mm x2 / 120mm x2
Rear: 120mm x1

*non ODD version


Radiator Support

Front: 360/280/240/140/120mm
Top: 120/240mm
Rear: 120mm

*non ODD version

Product Name MasterBox NR600
Product Number MCB-NR600-KGNN-S00 (MasterBox NR600 without ODD)
MCB-NR600-KG5N-S00 (MasterBox NR600 with ODD)
Exterior Color Black
Materials - Body Steel, Plastic
Materials - Windowed Side Panel Tempered Glass
Dimensions 478 (L) x 209 (W) x 473 (H) mm
Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX
Expansion Slots 7
5.25" Drive Bays N/A (MasterBox NR600 without ODD)
1 (MasterBox NR600 with ODD)
3.5" HDD Drive Bays 4
2.5" SSD Drive Bays 5
I/O Panel - USB Ports USB 3.0 x 2
I/O Panel - Audio In / Out 1x 3.5mm Headset Jack (Audio+Mic)
Pre-installed Fan(s) - Front 120mm x 1
Pre-installed Fan(s) - Rear 120mm x 1
Fan Support - Front 140mm x 2 / 120mm x 3 (MasterBox NR600 without ODD)
140mm x 2/ 120mm x 2 (MasterBox NR600 with ODD)
Fan Support - Top 140mm x 2 / 120mm x 2
Fan Support - Rear 120mm x 1
Radiator Support - Front 360 / 280 / 240 / 140 / 120mm (MasterBox NR600 without ODD)
280 / 240 / 140 / 120mm (MasterBox NR600 with ODD)
Radiator Support - Top 240mm / 120mm (MasterBox NR600 without ODD)
240mm (with ODD removed) / 120mm (MasterBox NR600 with ODD)
Radiator Support - Rear 120mm x 1
Clearance - CPU Cooler 166mm / 6.54"
Clearance - Power Supply 180mm / 7.08"
Clearance - Graphics Card 410mm / 16.14"
Cable Routing - Behind MB Tray 20~28mm / 0.78~1.10"
Dust Filters Top, Bottom
Power Supply Support Bottom Mount, ATX
EAN Code 4719512079355 (MasterBox NR600 without ODD)
4719512079348 (MasterBox NR600 with ODD)
UPC Code 884102051845 (MasterBox NR600 without ODD)
884102051838 (MasterBox NR600 with ODD)