MasterMouse Pro L

Arm yourself with the MasterMouse Pro L and match your grip preference with extra modular top covers and side grips. No matter your grip style, the ergonomic, contoured design and matte finish offer the best grip for even the most demanding gamers. Get an Avago sensor with up to 12000 DPI, brilliant RGB illumination with 16.7 million colors, and user-friendly software to customize and match your rig’s color scheme.

Boom, Headshot
MasterMouse Pro L
The MasterMouse Pro L is a high-accuracy, low-latency mouse that elevates your skills where it really matters: on the battlefield. Featuring ergonomic contoured grips, a 12000 DPI optical sensor, durable Omron switches, and an onboard processor for customizable macros and secondary key functions, this ain’t your daddy's gaming mouse.
Built to Dish Out a Beating
Don’t even worry about durability - the MasterMouse Pro L is tough, like your freakishly strong WWII veteran grandpa. It’s covered in matte UV coating to prevent tarnish, slipping, and wear and tear from those long sweaty sessions (easy there, tiger). Additionally, the MasterMouse’s main buttons are outfitted with Omron switches, which are built to last even through the gnarliest rages from heartbreaking losses.
How to Change
side panels & cover
Idiot-Proof Software
Customize DPI levels, set secondary key functions, review your macros, and adjust your advanced sensor settings. We make it easy and convenient, with software that offers high utility without the bloat.
A Precision Sensor That's Scary
We fitted the MasterMouse Pro L with an Avago PMW3660 optical sensor that can perform up to 12000 DPI. That’s a whole lot of DPi, which means higher accuracy, incredible sensitivity, and low jitter or lag. The MasterMouse is so precise it almost feels like time travel.
Our Mouse Buttons Go Both Ways
Need more buttons, but born with only two hands like a plebe? The Storm Tactix button built right into the mouse enables a set of secondary mouse keys instantly. Set up to 8 of your mouse buttons with a separate set of functions and bindings, and double your efficiency/chaos on the battlefield.
Grips for
Every Game
The MasterMouse Pro L features a modular grip system to customize your mouse according to your grip. Ease up on the kung fu grip to change your side panels and top cover based on your grip type and comfort level. Even if you’re one of those weird claw grippers with gross sweaty palms, the MasterMouse Pro has custom solutions for that.
A Smart Mouse For Robot Domination Endless Customization
One thing is priority: winning. And the MasterMouse Pro L has everything under the hood to dominate the lanes. It contains a powerful 32-bit ARM processor that takes care of all the hard work. Save and execute macros, adjust DPI instantly, seamlessly switch button functions, and more - all thanks to the inevitable sentience of the MasterMouse Pro L.
Make Your Mouse Light Up For ... Reasons
The MasterMouse Pro L has the capability to display up to 16.7 million colors to look cool? To make your hands look like they’re bending all four elements? Who knows?
Buttons Overview
Model number SGM-4006-KFOA1
Sensor Avago PMW3360
DPI Up to 12,000
Buttons 8
Software Yes
Macro Support Yes
Onboard Memory 512KB
LOD (Lift Of Distance) <2mm
Cable USB 2.0
Gold-plated USB
Dimensions (LxWxH) L Cover: 130(L) x 67.8(W) x 38(H) mm
M Cover: 125(L) x 67.8(W) x 38(H) mm
Weight L Cover: 128g
M Cover: 127g
Weight (without cable/weights) L Cover: 99g
M Cover: 98g
Grip Style Palm
Warranty 2 years
EAN Code 4719512051627
UPC Code 884102028151